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Why eBike?

I recently was talking to a friend who enjoys going on bike rides and asked him if he's ever been on an eBike before. He responded, "No, maybe I'll ride an eBike when I'm 60." Let us be the first to tell you, it doesn't matter if you are 26 or 66, there are benefits to eBikes.

  1. Improve Your Physical and Mental Health- Riding an electric bike allows people of all ages and abilities to burn calories and relieve stress. Compared to traditional cycling, riding an eBike is easier on the knees and the 5 levels of pedal assist allow you to set your level of difficulty. If you're looking for a relaxing, low impact exercise or if you're looking to bust a sweat, eBikes are the solution for you.

  2. Get Outside and Explore- Having a motor allows you to cover more ground in less time. Electric Bikes are a more environmentally friendly option than a car to get from one place to the next, but much quicker than walking. Blue Water eBikes offer XP 3.0 eBikes that allow you to travel up to 65 miles on a single charge.

  3. Easy to Operate- While some things with motors can be intimidating, eBikes are safe and easy to operate with no experience necessary. All Blue Water eBikes feature twist throttles, dual breaks, and front/rear lights to ease the mind of all level riders.

  4. They're Fun!- Looking for something different the whole family can do? eBike. Want to bring your four legged friend along? No problem. Wide range of ages and physical abilities? Don't sweat it. eBikes are a fun adventure for all.

Don't want to take our word for it? Give it a try.

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